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Samarbetsbolaget was founded in 2010 and serves as a development platform oriented at education and training. Our focus areas are conflict management, diversity, intercultural competence and process leadership. We work with the perspectives individual, group, community. What we are on the inside shines through in our actions on the outside.

What ties us together is the vision of contributing to a society where people are valued based on their inner qualities rather than their appearance. Where we all have the opportunity to become the best version of ourselves.

In our work, we assume that every person carries a story that contains the keys to understanding the challenges we’re in and to find the solutions that lie ahead. Through our work we want to contribute to people’s curiosity coming before suspicion and reaching past misconceptions and prejudices.

We conduct trainings in Swedish, English and German.

Patrick Gruczkun

I am a behaviorist and certified trainer in the Beyond Conflict and Value Based Leadership methodologies. I have a number of further certificates in conflict management, intercultural cooperation and communication. I have been working with training and process management since 2004. Clients have been companies, institutions and organizations within and outside Sweden. Organizational development, conflict management and intercultural cooperation are my specialties.

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Syrene Hägelmark

I am a certified trainer in the Beyond Conflict and The Human Element methodologies and have been working with various forms of process management and diversity issues since 1996, including as one of five national leadership trainers for the MOD (Translation: Diversity and Dialogue) – Sensus program in Adult Learning. I have extensive experience both from organizations, businesses and government institutions. Diversity, organizational development, leadership and group processes are my specialties.

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